Life a long series of events, some positive and other negatives. It’s your ability as an individual to navigate those events and seize the opportunities for growth, prosperity and happiness that make the difference between a happy and miserable life. Of course, there’s no denying that some of us are born on the sunnier side and have fewer obstacles on their path. However, at the core of everything, your potential for luck has nothing to do with your family situation or with the fact that you weren’t born with the proverbial silver spoon in the mouth. Indeed, everyone has some opportunities, and more importantly missed opportunities are the ones that define who you are.

From not landing the dream job you applied for to failing your driving test, missed opportunities are everywhere. But nothing quite beats that gutted feeling that grows inside when you read in the news that someone just won the lottery jackpot. Why wasn’t it you? As surprising as this might sound, your lotto frustrating is not about luck. It’s about failing to make your own luck:


If you’re going to play for money, be smart about it

The lottery is nothing else than a form of gambling where you’ve got only very limited chances of earning big. In fact, most people can play all their lives without making any big gain. So, if you are going to play with money, at least be smart about it and maximise your winning potential. The first mistake of those who don’t win is to believe that they might get lucky with the next jackpot. Lotto wins are unpredictable. However, sports betting games such as free bet 365 offers a more profitable alternative. You can use your knowledge of the game as well as the previous analysis of players, teams and matches to make educated guesses. It might not be a million-pound gain, but you’re more likely to build up a profitable source of side income than by playing random lotto numbers.

It’s a matter of mindset

At the heart of it, there’s a big difference between being lucky in life and hitting the jackpot luck. Luck, as it happens, is something you can make for yourself by keeping your eyes open for new opportunities and also by embracing positive ways of upgrading your life, starting with your mindset. There’s no evidence that sarcastic people can’t be successful, but at the end of the day, keeping a positive mindset makes you more likely to consider the bright side of each event and never let any opportune stone go unturned!

Winning doesn’t guarantee happiness

Would you be happier in life if you hit the jackpot? Of course not! Recent studies have demonstrated that a winning lottery ticket won’t make you happier. It will, naturally, improve your life satisfaction as you can upgrade your lifestyle for the better. But your mental health doesn’t reflect the transformation. If you’re not careful with your pain management, your mental health might even go down!

Why can’t you have a winning lottery ticket? Ultimately, it’s the wrong question to ask. Investing in the lottery game is nothing but unproductive spending. You can consider alternatives that give you higher winning chances. Besides winning at life is only a matter of positive mindset; it’s about being able to identify new opportunities, rather than hitting the lotto jackpot.

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