Transitional Autumn Fashion with Bad Rhino

Autumn is all about getting the layers out, big cotton jumpers, knitted cardigans, and denim. I love this time of year, it’s that season when you know it’s coming to Christmas and everything just falls a wee bit cosier.

Although, I’ll still be rocking shorts with a big knitted jumper and some might say “this isn’t very Autumnesque”, well, I say ‘Get Them Pins Out!’ I have teamed up with Bad Rhino to pick out some of, what I think, should be the essentials to your transitional Summer to Autumn wardrobe this season.


All the looks feature Rumble 59’s Schmiere Strong Pomade (visit here) in the hair, although you can’t smell what fragrance I am wearing, it is Versace’s Eros Eau de Toilette (visit here) and usual beard grooming by Captain Fawcett, their recent collaboration with Ricki Hall, Booze & Baccy beard oil (visit here) and Aesop moisturiser (visit here), Lip Cote’s Brow Cote (visit here) for the moustache and eyebrows.

Let us start with that essential ‘going on a walk’ look.



This look I absolutely love, to say I was pretty damn warm whilst taking this photo I love the simplicity of this. Bad Rhino’s quality is second-to-none, I cannot complain about the stitching or materials as it all feels premium and built to last.

Starting with the padded bomber jacket (visit here) in a 3xl, and is only £19.50 (as of 17th September 2017) which is a fantastic bargain to say this should retail for £39.00. I went for a 3xl due to wearing anything bulky underneath, for this look, the chunky green jumper. The jacket is lovely and warm, good internal pockets for keeping your phone close-by or wallet.

To go along with this look, as mentioned briefly beforehand is the chunky green jumper (visit here), in a size 2xl and unfortunately not on offer but is only £20.00, still a bargain! I love this, mainly for the minimalistic, simpleness of this piece and it is not bulky as some knitted garments can be.

The jumper sits flawlessly with the grey slim-fit denim jeans, these are from George at Asda (visit here) and are my daily go-to pair. These are a size 42R and will set you back a mere £12.00, I used to wear Burtons jeans but I found that the inside leg would usually last around 2 months of constant wear every day and then rip, whereas these jeans from George at Asda have lasted me 5 months and no signs of wear.

I hardly wash my jeans, primarily because this will keep from shrinking, fading and the material becoming susceptible to becoming weak, if I need to clean them I’ll usually wipe them down with a cloth or a friend of mine keeps them in a freezer in a zip lock bag, yes, this is a thing! Check out this article if you want to read more about this technique.

My second look, ‘the calm and casual’.



A very simple but yet casual look, that will look premium no matter what situation.  The small details are what makes this pocket t-shirt look sleek, the rolled-up sleeves are a nice touch and the fit on this t-shirt is super comfy, I got this t-shirt in a 2xl at £10.00 and looks fantastic with a jacket, hoodie or under a sweatshirt.

I paired this with Bad Rhino’s branded hoodie (visit here) in a 3xl at £26.99, again just like the previous pieces very good quality, warm and styles with anything you throw at it.  There is nothing better than an outfit that you can just go to and you know it will just work.

A quick and easy outfit review.  My third and final outfit is my “summer throwback”.

This is my favourite look, primarily because it is very stylish and simple.  Featured is Bad Rhino’s long-sleeved Henley Top (view here) in a 3xl.  I found this to be a little loose on the arms but nothing that will cause discomfort, hence why I decided to roll them up.

I opted for the burgundy chino shorts (view here) in a 44 waist and are only £25.99.  I would have to say that these shorts are the most comfortable shorts that I own, they’re great rolled up slightly to show a little bit more.  The shorts would also look great with an oxford style shirt.  The stitching is of great quality on these shorts and I will be wearing them for many months to come.

The shoes featured throughout are Bad Rhino Suede Desert Shoe in Black (view here) is a size 9.  These are currently on offer (as of 17th September 2017) for £15.00 and should retail for £35.00, a fantastic bargain.

What is your current favourite Autumn pieces, let me know in the comments.

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