Top 3 Grooming Picks for Winter

As you all may know, grooming is my favourite daily routine.  Finding products though is a chore and one that can go on, and on, and you still won’t know exactly what to use or what it is for in some cases of the male grooming range of products.  Which is why I think, a lot of men tend to not groom and just skip this and get on with their day.

This is fine, but I think the complexity of the grooming range of products can be made a lot simpler for men and this may encourage a lot of gents to start using face washes, cleansers etc. In their routine.


Starting off my top three picks, I bring to you Nivea for Men’s range of simple, but quality men’s products from the Protect & Care collection.  These products are great if you’re a man who doesn’t want of that complex jargon, Nivea for Men is for you.

The range is available from most high-street stores such as Boots and Super Drug as well as Wilkos.   The face wash is perfect for any man looking to feel fresh in the mornings or prepare their skin before a close shave with the shaving gel, as far as shaving gels go, this was absolutely brilliant.  It was smooth, and I usually suffer from shaving rash but this managed to keep it at bay.

With the moisturiser really keeping the skin feeling fresh and tight through the day, usually, I find moisturisers can leave a layer of dried up gunk on my skin and rubbing this can it to flake and come off, almost like dead skin, however, there was non-of that with this moisturiser and really performed and lasted a full 8 hour day.


Coming in at second place is a subscription company called, The Personal Barber (visit them here), a shaving subscription with a difference and a difference which I loved.  The fact that you will receive traditional barbering products to your door, I don’t if you’ve ever been to a barber shop and have seen the fancy looking razors the majority of them use.  Well, you can finally get your hands on a classic safety razor and show this off to your mates.

This is a great kit, for anyone who shaves and wants to bring a little bit of that Godfatheresque feel to their bathroom.  Inside the box, you’ll find your The Personal Barber embossed Classic Safety Razor, The Personal Barber embossed Synthetic Hair Shaving brush.

As well as replacement blades, and to make things really cool, TPB (The Personal Barber) switch things up and make things cool with supplying you with different brands to allow you to find the right blade to match your skin and thickness of your stubble so you can get a more cleaner and comfortable shave.  You’ll also receive an ever-changing supply of shaving soaps from around the world, and mystery products which range from pre-shave oils, aftershave balms, colognes to alum products.

Subscriptions start from £24.95 per month, however, there is the option to buy 6 months worth boxes to a year’s worth depending on which you prefer.

This is a fantastic idea if you want to treat someone or treating yourself to a little bit of classic shaving.  You can check out more details on the boxes by visiting here.


Last but not least, is Braun’s MGK3080 Multi-Grooming Kit which is exclusive to Boots.  For £35.00 you really cannot go wrong, for a product that is waterproof also and comes with a wide array of shaping and trimming peripherals.  I use this shaver almost every day for quick trim ups and relining my beard up.  One full charge will last me at least 10-15 days, due to only using this minimally in quick 1-2 minute sessions.

Braun has a fantastic range of grooming shavers, all reasonably priced and this I have to say is very much worth the £35.00, the only trouble I have found is that it doesn’t come with a UK plug, only a hotel style 2 pronged shaving plug.  This might just be the one I received as I haven’t checked out the retail units.

However, never-the-less this is a fantastic gift for blokes this Winter, as like the products above which I would highly recommend.

Why not check out my previous post with Just For Men, go and read it here.

Let me know in the comments what you are using at the moment for your shaving, beard routine.

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