The modern high fashion standard has been set by those that live many years ago. Everyone around the world in the high-end or high-class men’s fashion admits openly that the origins of the modern man’s formal fashion came from England. It’s known as the British Style but has been adopted and transformed into different unique styles such as those in Italy and France. It’s absolutely right that the modern standard comes from the UK because it was here where the excessiveness of the Early Modern Period was shunned. Men were wearing wigs and high heels if you can believe it. They also wore about as much makeup as the women and their clothing was long and sometimes dragged on the floor just like the women’s fashion. This all changed at the dawn of the 19th century. When a man by the name of Beau Brummell from London advised King George IV how to dress. And thus, we saw the modern suit be born as the suit, shirt and waistcoat.

The modern way

One of the staples of the modern era of high fashion for men is the shirt. It has been transformed over the years and evolved from something that had ruffles around the neck and the cuffs, to something that is cleaner in design. It’s crisper and should be something that is noticed for its quality. This is why one of the reasons a white dress shirt is so important. It has to stand out beyond the suit itself. It must be noticed past the tie, passed the tie, passed the suit and passed the waistcoat if you’re wearing a three-piece suit. Take for example the white shirt with a double cuff on John Henric. It’s got a double cuff to give you the opportunity to wear cufflinks. The smooth texture of the shirt also means that light will bounce off it more readily, which makes it look cleaner and brighter.

The dandy gentleman

If you haven’t by now, do some research on the Beau Brummell. He is the godfather of high fashion for men. A giant in the British aristocracy, he was the advisor to the king. After just a few years of the king taking his advice, a new era of men’s fashion was born. It began in the mid-1970s and then established itself by 1820. However, when the Victorian Era came around by 1837, now the dandy gentleman was in its absolute height of cultural importance in England. Therefore if you are intent on following the best of high fashion, then buy yourself a waistcoat. There are lots of styles for you to choose from but the Victorian style has slightly sharper points at the bottom. They also come in different materials such as tweeds and wool, but the modern variants of this style also come in pure cotton and indeed silk.

To truly understand the modern standards of men’s high fashion, you have to look back and understand the origins. The history of the suit, tie and waistcoat are infused into the British way of life. So many other European countries have adopted these standards because not only have they stood the test of time, but they’re also the epitome of a gentleman’s character.


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