If you’re eager to venture off to pastures new, immerse yourself in a new culture and experience a whole new way of life, then you might be tempted to shun the nine to five, take a sabbatical and head off on the trip of a lifetime. While you might be tempted to pay somebody else to organise a tour so that you can just turn up and have every aspect of your trip planned out for you, there will inevitably be aspects of that trip that you don’t fancy doing. While you love wildlife as much as anybody else, the thought of spending half a day on an alpaca farm in Mongolia doesn’t really do it for you. Instead, why not take the plunge and have a go at planning your own bespoke trip of a lifetime. This way, you know that every single experience will be perfect for your wants and needs. You will return home completely fulfilled and aching for your next adventure.


The first thing you need to work out when planning your jaunt overseas is your budget. While you might not fancy slumming it in Goa, you might not have the readies to splash the cash on fine dining, five star accommodation and first class transport. If your finances are looking a little worse for wear, consolidate your debts quickly and get back in the black. Sites like www.debtconsolidation.co are ideal to help you formulate a financial plan using credit cards, loans or settlement options. When your budget is honed, you then need to organise your activities, accommodation and flights accordingly. Ensure that you maintain a 5% contingency to cover emergencies and unforeseen eventualities.


When it comes to packing for your destination, be sensible. You don’t have to pack every item of clothing that you have, a dozen of the same tee, or numerous pairs of shoes. Research the climate of your chosen destination. Malaysia in the summer will not require your thick designer duffle coat. At the same time, pack layers if you are heading off to a chillier country. Thermals, thin fleeces and waterproof windbreakers are much easier to pack and will insulate more effectively so you won’t run the risk of frostbite. Roll instead of fold and utilise every single bit of space in your backpack. This is where your Tetris skills will come in particularly handy.


If you adore taking photographs when on your travels, ensure that you research the latest travel cameras on a site like www.techradar.com. If you cannot travel without listening to your favourite tunes, make sure you have your trusty iPod at the ready. If you cannot bear the thought of leaving home without your travel pillow, make sure it’s packed. Every traveller has their comfort needs, and you will be no different. Ensure that your trip is catered solely for your travel requirements. After all, this is your trip of a lifetime.

Make sure that you have a relatively detailed plan. Know the restaurants you want to make reservations at, work out your journey times between cities, and head a little off the beaten track. Taking time out to travel is life-affirming, so follow this guide to ensure that you can turn your dream trip into a reality.

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