The past few weeks I’ve been organising some pretty exciting stuff for this blog. Predominately organising my beer features. So without no further a due, I welcome, The Kernel Brewery.

The Kernel are a long standing godfather in the Craft Beer scene, offering every beer lover new or old something exciting to satisfy their palette.   With 16 brews from Pale Ale through to a Export Stout, Imperial Brown Stout and a London Sour Cherry. With variety in The Kernel’s arsenal, you can be sure to find something suitable for your taste.


I was recently lucky enough to get my hands on their Pale Ale Motueka Citra Nelson.  Myself, I’m a big lover of all things Pale Ale, IPA, I’ve tried dabbling my tastebuds in Stouts, Porters, Lagers, but I seem to keep falling back to my longtime buddy, Pale Ale.

There is something about Pale Ale which startles me and makes me just want more, the citrus, the tropical fruits it’s all there and I love it.  Getting my hands on the Kernel, I was very optimistic about this beer because I didn’t know what to expect, whether it would be unbalanced or very well balanced. Well, I was stunned.

Upon opening this delight, the aroma was amazing, instantly hit with the citrus notes which smelled absolutely stunning and then slowly the tropical fruits came through and you can totally see why Kernel’s Pale Ale’s are so raved about. The flavour of the beer was unique, of something on a totally different scale and is merely hard to describe the satisfaction I got tasting the first sip. Like the aroma, the citrus is instantly the first thing that you get on your palette, not over powering but is a perfect balance between the citrus and the tropical notes.


I would highly recommend the Pale Ale from The Kernel.  I would pair this with a cheese board or red meat, fish as this beer would add a real depth of added flavour and compliment the fish, red meat or cheese board with the citrus and tropical notes.

9 – 10 from me!

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