The Do's and Don'ts for Guys on Valentine's Day

We think that then men get a bad rep from time to time. There are many jokes out there about men forgetting about their anniversary or not buying a very good birthday present for their partner. Unfortunately, it seems that Valentine’s Day is yet another chance for men to mess up.

So, to help the guys out there to do the very best that they can next Valentine’s Day, we have put together the top do’s and don’ts that they may want to pay attention to.

Never ever forget

One of the biggest faux pas that a man can make is to forget Valentine’s Day completely. So, do everything that you can to remind yourself of this all important day. Set a reminder on your phone, remind yourself of the calendar, do everything that you can to make sure that you don’t forget it and you don’t end up in the dog house.

Don’t buy them something that they will hate

It can be hard to work out what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day, however, there really is no excuse for buying them a gift that they hate. Don’t ever buy an appliance for the kitchen, even if you think it is useful. Never buy her lingerie and never ever buy her something that you want. Then again, you don’t have to go down the conventional hearts and flowers route either; if she likes beer, get her something from or if she loves horror films, see that instead of the obligatory chick flick. Tailor your gifts and you’ll be fine.

Try not to do the same thing that you did last year

The key to any successful relationship is to try and keep things new and fresh. Something may have worked the year before, but that doesn’t mean that you should do it to death. Think about new and exciting ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day date night. It might be similar to something that you have done before, but the trick is to try and change things up as much as you can.

Don’t overspend

We all want to treat the person that we love, especially during Valentine’s Day but one of the worst things that you can do is to overspend. Not only is there a chance that they won’t have bought you something that is the same value, which will make them feel bad. But with kids and other parts of life to think about, the gift may be lovely, but it could be a waste of money.

Try and be personal

There are lots of generic cards and gifts out there, heavily promoted during Valentine’s Day. They may seem like tempting (if not easy) gifts to buy, but they could be a silly idea. It is a good idea to try and keep things thoughtful and personal if you can, not only will they feel special but they will also see that you care too. Which is incredibly important for any couple.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make sure that you have the best Valentine’s possible as well as a very happy partner too.

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