If you are a beer lover there could be some very special places you want to visit.  There are brews made all over the world, and some of them would definitely be on any beer lover’s bucket list.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Each September they hold a beer festival in Rio de Janeiro, as you can see at https://riotimesonline.com/beer.  Brewing in the city itself is not legal, but there are many contract brewers in Brazil that bring their beers to the celebrations. They tend to be light beers and craft beers are becoming very popular as well.

Seoul, South Korea

This is not a city you may associate with beers, but craft versions are sols all over Seoul. It seems that women have driven this trend, and there is even a ‘craft beer alley’ where street drinking is the normal thing.

Beijing, China

Although China makes four of the world’s top-selling beers, it if not often recognised as a destination for beer lovers.  People are aware of this emerging market in many other areas, but with beers, it is taking time for people to realise what an experience tasting the beers there can be. Of course, there are the well-known ones such as Snow, Tsingtao, Yanjing and Harbin, but there are also many others to delight your palate.

Chicago, Illinois

By now you might be wondering how you can afford all these wonderful places, just to try a few beers. For many people, because it is a lifetimes ambition, they will borrow the cash from somewhere such as https://debtconsolidation.loans, or their friends, or maybe even sell their souls to the devil, and then head off for Chicago as part of the trip of their dreams. There are craft beers inspired by ancient recipes that have flowers herbs and roots in them. This provides a delicate and delicious flavour that is special to this area.

New York, New York

There are hundreds of reasons to visit New York, including trying their impressive range of beers. Some of the nations best breweries are based in this area, and many of them are open for tours. As part of your visit to this wonderful city you will be able to try draft, bottled and craft beers.

Richmond, Virginia

Less than 10 years ago, Richmond had 1 craft brewery, now it has 22. The beer scene has blossomed and beer lovers have started to take notice, There are grassy ones, fruity ones and traditional beers among the huge variety on offer. As wells as trying lots of different beers, there are many other things to do in Richmond.

Reaching Your Beer Destination

These are just a tiny sample of the places that sell beers you should sample. Louisville in Kentucky has a growing beer culture and Madison in Wisconsin boasts a beer scene all of its own.

The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, and all of the beer destinations mentioned are easily reached by air. Major airlines fly to international airports in these cities, and you can walk straight from the plane and get your first sample of one of the local beers.

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