Restaurant Focus: TGI Friday’s Meadowhall 

Georgina and I headed to Meadowhall to check out TGI Friday’s new and improved menu and their scrumptious world-famous cocktails. TGI’s is usually a place that is seen as the birthday hotspot and I have not been to TGI’s for a long time, so it was really exciting to be invited to go and see what they offer.

First impressions are everything, luckily the restaurant was not that busy and was greeted by our waitress (whose name I have forgotten, she was really lovely though!) and the General Manager of the site (again, I’ve forgotten her name but we had a great chat about blogging!) but both were amazing and took the time to talk to us and the waitress also helped in my drink choices! Not a lot has changed in the Meadowhall restaurant, the vibe was chilled, everyone in the venue was enjoying their meals and drinks, the décor of TGI’s is one that I have always enjoyed when visiting them. With the heavy American theme, there’s so much to look at and enjoy. 

TGI Friday’s Meadowhall 
TGI Friday’s Meadowhall 

For wheelchair users, manoeuvring Georgina around was not a problem. What we noticed is how the person greeting us offered a choice of seats, if we’d like to sit at a higher up booth, or at a normal table. The table was the best choice for Georgina to stay in her chair and to be comfortable at. We were really pleased with how accommodating the staff are at making sure you are comfortable and getting the most out of your visit. Especially that they acknowledged that not all wheelchair users want to stay in their chair to eat. 

We started off with the cocktails, yes, THE COCKTAILS! We all love TGI’s for two main reasons, cocktails and the food. If you’re looking for a cheeky cocktail then this may be the spot for you, depending on the size that is. The reason for the size is because they are monster, but, gorgeous. Georgina and I decided to get adventurous with our decisions and I opted for the assistance of our waitress to choose two of mine. The cocktails are so big, and really delicious. We couldn’t believe that we haven’t tried them before as Georgina and I are known for our cocktail sessions!

TGI Friday’s Meadowhall  TGI Friday’s Meadowhall  TGI Friday’s Meadowhall  TGI Friday’s Meadowhall 

Time for the food, Georgina picked the Fridays® Sesame Chicken Strips, it looked amazing and tasted it too. Of course, I made her share. I had the Californian Chicken Tacos, they were so delicious! For the mains Georgina went for the Ultimate Ribs, we agreed you just can’t beat TGI Friday ribs! I had to try out their Signature Grill, with sirloin steak, blue cheese and peppercorn sauce, and fries too. On the side I just had to order the mac and cheese, we didn’t realise it had shrimp on top so that was a really good surprise!

TGI Friday’s Meadowhall  TGI Friday’s Meadowhall 

We’re already planning to go back for a date night, let us know what your favourite thing to eat at TGI’s is!

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We received vouchers for our meal.

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