As a modern man, a night out in town can be frightfully expensive especially if you’ve got a taste for excellent beers and stylish clothes. A relatively short night out with friends can easily set you back over £100 once you factor in travel expenses and food. Not many of us can afford this too often. Certainly not as often as we’d like. But, does it have to be like this, or can you have a great night out without spending a fortune?

Head Out Straight After Work

Most pubs and bars run weekday after work special offers with cheaper drinks and deals. Going out early on a weekday also means that you are more likely to return home at a reasonable hour, and less likely to overspend or wake up with a hangover after drinking too much. But, the beer will still taste the same, and you can still have a fantastic night catching up with your friends.

Use Public Transport

Now we’ve all got Uber or another taxi app on our phones it’s all too tempting to quickly order a cab home when we’re ready to leave. Most of us even get a taxi into town in the first place. The cost of these can quickly add up. To reduce the costs, share a taxi with friends if you can and split the cost. Or, even better, avoid them completely and take the bus.

Don’t Buy Rounds

Buying rounds is friendly, and an easy way to get everyone a drink without having to have unpleasant conversations about money or splitting bills. But, it often works out much more expensive than sticking to buying drinks only for yourself.

Suggest everyone gets their own drinks, or head to the bar to get yourself a drink as soon as you arrive so that you’re not involved in any group buying going forward.

Look After Your Money

It’s easy enough to sit at home and say that you are going to have a cheap night out. Then, as the beer starts to flow, so does your resolve. Suddenly you are throwing cash at the bar, your credit card is out, and you wake up the next morning finding that you’ve spent a lot more than you intended. You might even wake up to find that you have lost a card or your wallet and you need to find a credit freeze with all three bureaus to protect your information.

Set yourself a budget for the evening, and try your best to stick to it. If it helps, leave your cards at home, and just take out the cash that you want to spend. You’ll have to be careful, but you’ll certainly save money.

Eat a Good Meal Before Drinking

Going out on an empty stomach can mean that you start to feel the effects of alcohol more quickly, that your judgement is impaired and that you are more likely to spend money on food while out. Eating a big meal before you go, and having snacks waiting for you when you get in, reduces the need to pay for extra food.

You are probably due to go out much more than usual over the coming month. You might also be spending more on gifts and treats. This can mean saving money is more important than ever. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself.

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