Beer Focus: Pistonhead Launch Haze Lager

Pistonhead has been a popular alternative lager for a number of years now. With their main lager leading the roost in the UK. I will be honest, Kustom Lager wasn’t my favourite beer and caused me not to really drink Pistonhead, until now.

Launching earlier this month, Pistonhead announced that they are adding a Haze Lager to their range. Maybe this is due to the recent ‘haze craze’ that has come over from the states but I was instantly intrigued by this. Plus, it is unfiltered, dry-hopped and brought with highly sought after Galaxy hops.


The newest addition will be available from Pistonhead’s UK distributors Proof Drinks who are aiming to launch the lager into craft beer pubs and at events, festivals all over the UK from Spring 2018.

At 5.1% ABV Haze brings everything I look for in a hoppy beer, my expectations were high. Delivers a pale and crisp lager that carries an extra intense mouthfeel thanks to the beers unfiltered characteristics.

It is stacked with Australian Galaxy hops that produce mega hits of passion fruit, citrus and has a balanced bitterness owed to Pistonhead’s favourite Magnum hops that feature in all of the current Pistonhead range and complement this hazy brew’s malty, yeasty body.

Stephen Reynolds, Pistonhead’s UK Brand Manager comments:

“We’re pumped to be launching Pistonhead’s newest brew straight from Sweden in the UK market.
The existing range offers brews that more floral and malty and dry-hopped with premium German and
American hop varieties and so a pale, unfiltered brew with super premium Galaxy hops that create a
more intense, citrusy and fruity flavour adds an extra level of depth to our ever-expanding range and
gives our fanatics even greater choice within the Pistonhead craft beer offering”.

Pistonhead Lager’s brews have gained phenomenal success with the figurehead 4.6% Kustom Lager, and the dry-hopped brews Full Amber at 6.0%, 4.5% Flat Tire and non-alcoholic Flat Tire over less than four years in the UK market.

Revelling in a 464% year on year value sales increase from 2016 in 2017 from £508,605 to £2,867,109, the brand continues to have 3 beers placed in the top 4 in the 330ml single can category with Full Amber in the top spot accounting for 31% of single can sales.

I’m very impressed, to say the least about Haze, maybe it will not for everyone’s taste but if you’re looking for a hop fix then definitely go and grab a couple of cans, or maybe a case due to this not being available yet for single can sales.

You can pick up a case of 24 at Proof Drink’s webstore here.  Let me know what new and exciting beers you’ve tried this week in the comments below, or let me know on Twitter.

See you all in the next post!


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