Beer Focus: Marble Brewery Earl Grey IPA

I have been long awaiting to try Earl Grey India Pale Ale beers, quite a large number of them I have seen popping up on social media for a while now, and boy what a surprise.

At first, I did not know what to expect as Marble Brewery Earl Grey IPA is a peculiar mix of a beer but hey, what’s the limits? – The bottle presentation is what really caught my attention to this beer from Marble Brewery (visit their website here), it has to be one of my favourite simplistic designs and is straight to the point.  Let the beer do the talking.

Marble Brewery Earl Grey IPA

Opening the beer you definitely get the earl grey coming straight out, which may sound overwhelming, but it truly isn’t, as much as I was anticipating the earl grey may be a touch on the pungent side, I was left amazed.  In addition to the earl grey, you can sense the fruity elements on the nose too with peach, spicy yeast, apricots, lychee, and sweet toffee notes.  A great combination to leave the drinker wanting to taste this.

Pouring into a glass, there is a lot of character in this brew for sure! But not enough to get you confused and in personal observation, I found this quite pleasing.  Mouthfeel, is dry, with a sharp bitterness on the way down.  With lots of citrus helping to balance out the earl grey infusion, some subtle elements of sweet caramel, white grapes, some grapefruit, and lemon zest on the aftertaste with a tart finish.

I would definitely enjoy this beer on its own, or with a drunken broad bean & goat’s cheese salad and completed with some barbecued fish.  I’d definitely not go crazy with this beer, perfect brew to chill out with after work.

If you would like to pick up some bottles or cans of this beer, you can visit Marble’s Brew Shop (here), Eebria (here), or Beer Gonzo (here).  At the moment, however, this is currently out of stock so be sure to keep checking back.

A fantastic introduction to earl grey-infused beers and I am already excited to be on the lookout for more.  I will be hunting down some more experimental beers in the future to showcase right here.

Happy drinking and cheers, I’ll see you all in the next post.

Marble Brewery Earl Grey IPA

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