Helles of a Gaming Night with Hofmeister

Hofmeister (check them out here) has been a staple name since the 1980s, originally brewed by Scottish Courage (soon to be Scottish & Newcastle) till late 2003 with a low ABV of only 3.5%.  In October of 2007, brewing conglomerates Heineken and Carlsberg set their money wide eyes on forming a group bid on acquiring the total capitalisation of Scottish & Newcastle, which included the Hofmeister brand.

2016, Hofmeister was acquired by Heineken & Carlsberg and the brand soon was no longer heard.  Until Spencer Chambers and fellow entrepreneur Richard Longhurst stepped in and acquired the Hofmeister brand off of the money hungry giants and set to rebrand and revamp the recipe to bring this once loved beer back to life and keeping its roots and slogan intact “Follow the bear!”.

Since 2016 and its acquisition by Spencer & Richard, the beer is brewed by Schweiger, a German brewery in Markt Schwaben, Bavaria.  The beer is brewed following the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot or Purity Law and uses spring water from Schweiger’s well.  Along with locally grown barley and hops from the nearby Hallertau region.

As featured on the branding of this wonderful beer, it is slow brewed to bring a much greater depth of taste and gentle carbonation which I personally have not seen in a lot of lagers.

Personally, I am not a great lager fan and given the chance, it is not something that I will not buy.  However, on occasion as like most things, I will try something that I previously didn’t like to see if my opinion changes.  And with this beer, I can most certainly say it has shown me the greater and flavourful side of the lager umbrella.

So I enjoyed these beers whilst playing with fellow Gents Alliance members, Carl (from A Blokes Eye View), Dan (from Life of Dan) and Mark (from The Honest Father).  We were playing our go-to game for laughs and drinking challenges, The Division from Ubisoft.



With the beers ice cold and the glasses chilled, we were ready to rock and kick some ass.  However, I won’t be going into much detail over the gameplay that occurred due to that is not what you are here for.  You’re here for the beer, and how it tasted right?

The beer pours a lovely light golden blonde colour with a dense white head, leaving great alcohol lacing down the side of the glass.  Sweet, lemon/citrus and mineral notes coming through on the aroma, bready/earthy and again more of that lemon and citrus note coming through on the taste followed by a dry and bitter finish.

This lager is definitely a quaffable beer and is one that I will ensure I keep my eyes open to grab hold of in the future.

You can pick up 12 bottles of this beautiful beer online via Amazon (visit here) for the amazing price of £19.99 (with £7.50 shipping).

Are you enjoying some German-style beers recently? If you are, let me know in the comments below.

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