Getting date night ready is one of my favourite things to do. Some people might say I’m a little extra when it comes to getting ready, and I definitely stay in the bathroom for a long time. But I enjoy being able to do a little pamper and look my best. I don’t think it should be weird for men to like face masks or take price in their appearance. There are more male grooming products than ever and we should be able to enjoy them! The main part of me getting ready is neatening up my facial hair. Of course, I have it professionally done every time I go for my haircut, but I love to touch up when we’re going out or have an event. My favourite are shavers Panasonic Uk, they have the best range that can do exactly what I want for my facial hair. I usually do this after a hot shower and a face mask in my beard so the hairs don’t snag.

getting date night ready male grooming

I start by trimming the underneath of my beard to really sharpen it up, and around my moustache. I don’t like the feeling of when my moustache is too long. I check for any long hairs that have gone astray and neaten those up too. I do this with the same tool and just change the head. I love a shaver that I can use for different areas, rather than switching between tools. Usually, I will have already have had a face mask, but if not then I use a hydrating mask whilst I carefully neaten up my beard line on my chin. Beard oil is the last step for my beard. Lastly, for my face at least, I finish by neatening up my eyebrows too. I never used to do this until I met Georgina, and then I would only let her do it, now I constantly do it myself as I love how they look when they’re groomed.
I add all of my smelly stuff whilst I’m in the bathroom, as I prefer to add aftershave to my skin than my clothes. I do a quick spray before we leave though.

Then it’s time for my hair, I have a style that’s called the ‘Executive Cut’. It basically means a skin fade with a side parting cut. I use my favourite pomades to style it over using a tangle teezer, stolen from Georgina! As I find this creates the lines in the hair that I really like. It makes it a lot faster too than other brushes I’ve tried. After my hair is finished, I head back into the bedroom and pick out my outfit!

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