Beer Focus: Crabbies Launch New Fiery Stout

The well-known ginger beer brand, Crabbie’s, releases a new experimental beer in their Craft Ginger Collection.  Crabbie’s bring us a blended stout in collaboration with Black Country brewer, Sadler’s.  At first, I was a little apprehensive with the fuse between stout and ginger but as like most things, I opted to give this a try.


This collaboration beer is aimed towards us craft beer lovers and is currently the only ginger stout blend on the market.  Blended using Sadlers Mud City stout, well loved for its smooth, nutty and vanilla aroma, the beer is definitely overpowered by ginger when poured into the glass but then a lovely undernote of caramel and vanilla does come through.   The taste is even more surprising than the aroma, with cocoa nibs and vanilla coming through along with a satisfying fiery kick of ginger at the end.

A lovely pitch-black colour on this with very little carbonation and at first a thin white head.  I would probably recommend letting this settle for about a minute or two, just to let the beer rest as I found diving straight in there was a little bit of an overwhelming alcohol/ginger takeover and it took me by surprise… Other than that, this is a really tasty and intriguing beer.

Lucy Cottrell, Crabbie’s says:

“We created Crabbie’s stout due to the increasing demand for beer blends right now and used this opportunity to create a beer with a real kick! We selected Sadler’s Mud City Stout as the perfect pairing to Crabbie’s Ginger Beer due to its smoothness and nutty, vanilla aroma–the perfect base for setting off the fiery ginger flavour!”

Coming in at 4.2% ABV, this is definitely a beer that will be perfect for those cold, snuggly evenings.  If you’re looking to grab some bottles of this, then you can pick up a case of 12, 500ml bottles from Amazon (check it out here) for £33.95.

Let me know what you’re currently drinking, or if you’ve tried this beer and what your thoughts are in the comments below.  I’ll see you all in the next post.


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