BEER FOCUS: Canopy Beer Co Bagel Beer

I’m a lover the peculiar and outside of the box beers.  Being a fan of Canopy Beer Co (check their range here) it was a no-brainer to try out this limited edition Bagel Beer in collaboration with New York Bagel Co.

At first, my initial opinion was of the “this will be hella bready tasting” but the Bagel Beer is coming in at 5.7% with a fruity, smooth and easy drinking.  As the collaboration and name suggests, this was made using New York Bakery Co’s staple original bagels, lightly toasted and chopped into pieces for the brewing process.


I really enjoyed the taste and drinkability of this beer with hints of cinnamon and a malty backbone with also some citrus for depth on the back end.  It is definitely full of flavour and brings some bagel notes to your senses.

The Bagel Beer comes packaged in the classic Canopy Beer Co bottle features the signature New York Bakery Co’s lady liberty.

Christina Honigfort of New York Bakery Co comments:

“We get through 82 million packs and eat over 500 million bagels a year in the U.K.  That’s why we need to celebrate the wonderful bagel with something that little bit different and more than a little bit special.  Cue limited edition Bagel Beer.  What better way to celebrate the diversity of the bagel with all its tastes, flavours and varieties?

We cut no corners to produce the best stand of bagels and when it comes to beer, Canopy Beer Co are no different.  Bagels boiled and baked the New York way;  beer brewed and bottled the London way.  Best drunk chilled, (responsibly, of course) with a bagel in hand!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer and will definitely say, go and get a bottle or two as this really is unique.  as mentioned, this beer is limited edition and is on sale for £3.00 via, right now.  Alternatively, you can grab some friends and head down to Canopy Brewing Co’s Tap Room in Herne Hill or The Sympathetic Ear to try on draught.

Let me know what beers or interesting beers you have been trying in the comments below.  I’ll see you all in the next one, cheers!




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