Brewery Focus: Black Metal Brewery

Scotland, you’ll initially think of haggis, Glasgow, the whiskey and the rolling hills in rural Scotland. You may also think of BrewDog, but craft beer in Scotland has been booming. Scottish beer excites me, it is bold, full of character and oozes craft.

Luckily enough, Black Metal Brewery gave me the choice of what I wanted to review, which is always great. On the list of beers to review from these guys, I tried to get a mix of their brewing capabilities. As well as go for beers which sounded tasty and also bring through what they were about as a brewery, and boy, I must say, I was impressed.

The first to be cracked open was their Gates of Valhalla a 7.9% ABV Oatmeal Pale Ale. The beer pours deep amber, bold white head and instantly on the nose you’re greeted with a very malty, spicy aroma, hints of pine and also toffee coming through. It is an exceptional smelling beer and one that really entices you to discover more. The taste is what really wowed me, smooth and hints of bitter, citrus and sweetness coming from the oatmeal, Black Metal Brewery really did some good work on this beer making this very drinkable.

If you’re looking to pair this, I would probably sit this alongside a fish based dish like a Clam Risotto with Bacon & Chives would sit really nicely, just use smokey bacon on this dish and you’ll enjoy a world full of unique flavours.

Swiftly followed was their Will-O’-The-Wisp a juniper smoked ale which at first sounds peculiar but trust me, this one out of the four I received, is my favourite.

The flavours in this beer were unreal, coming at 6.6% ABV this beer can be enjoyed for sure. Pouring into a glass, the beer pours a hazy copper brown with a small off-white head and you get hints of blackcurrant jam, smoked wood and citrus sitting really deeply in the aroma. I’ve read some reviews of this beer where people were saying that it was “too sweet”. This wasn’t the case, I found there to be a really nice balance of sweet and smokey, balanced with a thick mouthfeel which washes away any thirst.

I soon pick up another hard thirst but this time for something strong, maybe a Strong Pale Ale will do the trick.  Yggdrasil is a Strong Pale Ale rolling in at 6.6% ABV, pours a golden-amber with a small white head, very sweet and hoppy aroma with hints of citrus, honey.  The mouthfeel is clean, the aroma is something that really stood out to me with raspberry, orange and a dried fruity aroma.

This beer was pleasant, one that I really thought I wouldn’t due to not particularly being a fan of excessively strong beers but this one really settled in and will definitely be on the lookout for this again.  I’d probably sit this alongside Paella with the citrus notes infusing the fish and deep smokiness of the dish.

Last but not least, Blood Revenge, a Rye Stout which comes in at 6.6% ABV.  I enjoyed this one, the flavours were bang on the money. You’re welcome with a coffee, dark chocolate aroma which fills as soon as you pop the cap.  Pours dark with a medium tan two finger head which quickly disperses. Taste is when this beer really opens up, I could have sat crushed a few more of these, features some same notes as the aroma, primarily with the rye adding a nice earthy edge whilst retaining a nice smooth, creamy coffee cake character.

If you wanted, you can sit this with a main course dish, but for me I see this being a dessert beer, the levels of coffee notes would match superbly with a Tiramisu.

Marks out of 10 for all these beers? – 9/10

I have included the photos of the beers just below this post, check them out and you can also pick head over to Black Metal Brewery’s website here, if you like the sound of the beers, go follow them on Twitter to ensure you’re update when you can pick some up online or at a local beer shop.

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