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So, I picked up a bottle of Coldwater’s IPA (Indian Pale Ale) as it features a mix of German, Maori and US hops such as Perle, Green Bullet and Centennial.  The only side note, I picked up two bottles of this and decided to age it and see how it would turn out.  And boy, was I in for a treat.


Cloudwater is an independent craft brewery based out of a two unit complex in Manchester whose growth has been seen going strength-to-strength with every season, a brewery which so far has been pushing out some serious beers that have had many like HopZine wanting more from these guys. Not only do you get a fantastic beer but a gorgeous well rounded package beer with artwork that matches the quality of the beers and in most cases, you can purchase the print depending whether or not it is limited edition.

The Manchester craft beer scene has without a doubt been growing in momentum and judging by this year’s Indy Man Beer Con (IMBC) it is set to be heading in the right direction and that direction is onwards and upwards, which is great to see as this will open the door for many venues from bars, pubs, microbreweries and hopefully larger scale breweries to open up and push some great quality beer for us to find.


Popping open (depending on how close your nose is), I was held stunned with a gorgeous, light and elegant aroma of tangerine, mandarin with a subtle bitter orange and very floral with hints of mango, passion fruit pineapple, pine, grapefruit with a touch of resin.

Diving in and pouring out my first glass full, you’re welcomed with a hazy, dark amber, golden colour with an average, too, thick off white head with not so much lacing. Taste and you are belted with a hoppy punch which has a crisp taste to the palate followed by notes of mango, passion fruit, grapefruit, pine, citrus peel and light apricot with a smooth caramel finish.

In my eyes, this was an outstanding beer as it was my first beer I have aged, and from the first drinking of this beer back last year, the flavours really were enhanced but did not lose any of its flavours or body whilst ageing, I stored this in the fridge but then moving it out for a couple days in a dark cupboard and then back in the fridge for quite a long time and I did this scattered.

I love Cloudwater, their NW DIPA Citra was an absolute belter, and I am sure it will not go without saying it was a fantastic standout beer that the United Kingdom can produce a banging beer. With the fact that Cloudwater is providers of Vegan-friendly beer, which is always a positive to anybody reaching out to our meat-free friends.

Find out the latest that Cloudwater offer:


I’ll be checking out more Cloudwater very soon, so until then, I shall see you in my next post, cheers!


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