Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way.
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

Although while Santa might get the open sleigh, the rest of us have to make do with a car stuck in a traffic jam, as it’s probably what you can expect if you’re going to visit your family over Christmas. With no one-horse sleigh in sight, you need to be smart about your travel plans for the holiday. You can’t afford to take chances, so here’s what you need to consider to dash through the snow and laugh all the way – in a proper Santa’s fashion.

Plan ahead

Let’s start with the basics first. If you’re travelling anywhere in the UK, the roads will be busy around Christmas time. The truth is the roads are always jammed around large urban areas in the UK, so you can expect things to get worse during the holiday. That’s precisely why it’s essential to work out your route before you leave the house. Between traffic and the inevitable roadworks, you need to be prepared to minimise delays. If you’re hiring a vehicle for the journey, do make sure to select a car that is equipped for the weather conditions – roads in Northern regions can get dangerous in winter.

Stylish protection for the stuff that matters

As silly as it might sound, your accessories will play a significant role in keeping your safe and sane this Christmas. Indeed, when you’re spending time with your family, you tend to let go of your smartphone. It’s likely to leave your pocket and ends up on the table, the mantelpiece or any other piece of furniture where it could fall and break. A stylish case – take a look at kk phone cases for inspiration – could save yourself a lot of troubles. Additionally, while driving gloves are a thing of the past that you tend to see in episodes of Hercule Poirot, they can be a lifesaver in winter. Indeed, they will protect your skin from the cold.

Don’t take chances on the weather

If your family lives in Northern England or even in rural Scotland, you might need to be prepared to face a mild snow storm on the way. As the road conditions are likely to take a turn for the worst, this winter, you need to pack with you a car emergency kit to rescue yourself when the car is stranded. Pack the gear you need to get unstuck, from a snow shovel to traction mats and tyre chains. You should also pack some supplies and weatherproof clothes in case you get stuck overnight.

And dress for the part

Last, but not least, your Christmas party outfit is equally important. While it might be tempting to pack your best suit for the festive holidays, it’s a good idea to check what your family has planned. You don’t want to stand out because you’re overdressed! As a rule of the thumb, a classic pair of grey denim with a wool jumper can work in all occasions.

The traditional Christmas visit to the family can turn into a risky adventure if you’re unprepared. From staying safe on the road to keeping your cool with your relatives, you need to plan to make the most of Christmas!

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