A History Of Music with EMP

I have always been a music fan, as, like most people, I was brought with music being at the focal point of the family household.  With artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley to The Sex Pistols and The Smiths being played every weekend and week, without fail.

I’m still an avid music fan, and at a given opportunity explore what is available on Spotify.  Growing up in High School and College, it was all about the four-to-the-floor music, Dubstep, Techno etc.  However whilst I was into this and took up deejaying at a very young age, I was still listening to Heavy Metal, Punk, Ska to Stoner Doom & Stoner Sludge Metal.

Being approached by EMP (check their website out here) who boast a wide, in fact, a huge catalogue of band merchandise to even gaming and fashion clothing was a fantastic opportunity to select my top 5 bands for you to check out and not only that, to give you guys the opportunity to get an insight to what I listen to regularly.


EMPSleep is the very first band that I was introduced to in the Stoner Rock/Doom Metal genre.  With only four studio albums under their belts, Sleep has gathered a huge fan base outside of California.  Their 3rd album/EP “Jerusalem”, is a go and listen to it now.









Basement is a homegrown UK band, hailing from Ipswich.  I listen to these guys every day on the way to work, in the shower, writing blog posts.  They’ve only released 3 studio albums and their most recent “Promise Everything” is an absolute gem.









As like Sleep, these guys are from California, they’ve been together since 2009 and I found them at the same time as discovering Basement.  Their recent studio “As You Please”  is a fantastic album and one to certainly get you motivated.






Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes


If you don’t know who Frank Carter is, he once was the front man for Hardcore Punk band, Gallows.  Bringing over his unique and aggressive sounds, I love this group and their record “Modern Ruin” is a fantastic piece of listening.









Germs have been a favourite Punk band of mine since I can remember, their only studio album “GI” was a standout piece of listening for me through High School and College, and I still their records today.

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