Have you made a New Year’s resolution for 2019? Whether you’ve decided you want to get fit, get less boozy, or give up sugar, I have another one you’re going to want to add to your list – travel more. It’s one of those resolutions that will enhance your life in so many ways, and you don’t need to give up anything to achieve it. This is definitely the year to travel more and here’s why.

More ways to save up

Money is one of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to just packing a bag and travelling the world. However, there are more ways than ever to save up all the pennies you need to be able to travel more. Whether it’s starting a side hustle or renting your room out on AirBnb, we’re afforded so many more opportunities to earn a bit of extra cash nowadays. You just need to make sure you put it aside in preparation for your travels.

6 reasons 2019 is the year to travel more

More ways to earn on your travels

As well as there being plenty more ways to save up for a trip now, there are also more ways to earn on your travels too. Becoming a Digital Nomad seems to be the dream for many in 2019, and it’s easy to achieve if you have a job you can do on your laptop. If not, learn a skill such as coding, graphic design, or SEO, and start winning some freelance clients. You’ll then be able to take work with you wherever you go.

More hidden places to visit

There are less unexplored places on this planet than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they’re all packed to the brim with tourists. There are still plenty of hidden gems for you to discover, that won’t be filled with crowds of people. The Secret Traveller blog at 1Cover has an excellent list of ‘destinations no one knows about’ that you can explore. The Lost City of Colombia, anyone?

6 reasons 2019 is the year to travel more

More ways to share your travels

Travelling has never truly been a lonely experience, but if you’re doing it on your own, then it can sometimes feel like you’re totally alone. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to be able to share your travels with your loved ones or even find travel buddies to keep you company. If you’re planning on solo travelling this year, at least you can stay in touch with everyone (and make them jealous) with the use of social media.

More tech to enhance your experience

Along the same lines, technology has made it easier than ever to enhance a travelling experience in 2019. There are apps that will prevent you from getting lost, apps that will help you learn a new language, and even apps that will help you book a flight or hotel room within a few clicks. Just make sure you find the balance between enjoying all the world has to offer and spending time on your phone or tablet.

Fewer reasons to put it off

My final reason is this… Why wouldn’t you travel more this year? There’s nothing holding you back other than excuses. Can’t take a lot of time off work? Go on a few weekend breaks throughout the year. Don’t have a ton of spare cash? Sacrifice that morning cup of coffee or take on a part-time job. There are fewer and fewer reasons to put off travelling this year, so start planning!


Travelling more should undoubtedly be one of your New Year’s resolutions this year, don’t you think? Let me know what your travel plans are for the year in the comments below.

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