5 Essentials You Need This Summer From Bad Rhino


5 Essentials You Need This Summer From Bad Rhino

We have approached that time of year where we start to panic buy for the summer holidays escapades, where we still have sweatshirts, waterproof jackets and waders from the lovely British Winter. Just make sure you don’t hide the waders in a difficult place, and have them at the ready because you never know…

As we step into the summer season, we see a lot of influences rocking the fashion trends and making them their own with their own style twists. With chino shorts in every colour imaginable and minimalist pastel colours being used to brighten up your looks, in both bold and subtle ways, there’s definitely something for everyone.

All of this is awesome and looks fantastic until you realise that the sizes seem to stop at either an extra large or double XL and you’re left disappointed. Even worse is when you take a chance and realise the sizing is on the small size and it doesn’t fit.

Have no worry though, I am here with the big & tall online retreat, Bad Rhino, and I’ve picked out five summer essentials that you absolutely need to get through this summer in comfort and style.

I love that Bad Rhino don’t increase their price with bigger sizes, never before have 8XL men been able to shop fashionable clothes easily, and affordably.

I say comfort as being a big guy, and other big guys reading this, will no doubt not be a stranger to uncomfortable shorts in summer. The last few years with the help of my girlfriend, I’ve been embracing casual, comfy, yet stylish cotton shorts and they’re a game changer. I used to try and get through summer in jean shorts, but no anymore. These BadRhino Navy Jersey Shorts are exactly what I look for, plus at £18.99, it’s worth picking up a couple pairs in different colours. In this case, they come in a cool grey colour too, perfect for switching it up.

I’m not saying all shorts are bad, in fact, another one of my essentials are a more going out and flash pair of chino shorts, like these Light Brown Chino Shorts. At Bad Rhino some of the shorts come with an elasticated waist insert for extra comfort, and it’s so appreciated when you’re over doing it on a laid back holiday. Again at just £20, they’re a bargain.

You can’t beat a good bit of summer fun in your wardrobe. Especially a fun, smart Hawaiian shirt. Just like in the films, and on magazine shoots, tropical shirts are an icon of summer the season and I can guarantee that this will be drawn out of your wardrobe on those hot days. That is why I have put the Navy & Multi Tropical Print Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt in this summer essentials list and it is available in large to 6xl at only £25.99. An ultimate summer staple.

White Basic Plain Crew Neck T-Shirt because hey, whites are cool, whites are refreshing and they hide any sweat marks that may occur during a mini heat wave. They’re also sleek and relaxed looking as well, perfect for wearing around town or a day at the beach, plus when you’re a little tanned, it helps show it off.

This summer must-have is something that sounds funny, to begin with, but it does make sense. Black 7 Pack Sport Liner Socks, because when the sun is shining and the weather is cool, you don’t want your ankles suffocating under ankle high socks, no! Get them ankles out and let them breathe. Plus they finish off your sleek look. Pack your suitcase with these, you’ll thank me later.

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